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What To look For In Bronx Injury Lawyers:

A tort, negligence or personal injury lawyer represents clients who were physically or psychologically injured as a result of the negligence and wrong act of another person, company, government, organization or other entity. Trends have shows that these attorneys are retained at higher frequencies in lower affluent areas. After interviewing a host of negligence law firms in my home town of Bronx and Queens I was informed that most of their cases and livelihood are coming from non-affluent areas. Some theories maintain it’s because civil disputed are higher in this area which lead to more injuries and scuffles. Others maintain that lower affluent communities seek to profit off even the most minor negligence which occurred to them where their counterparts would not bother.

What is personal injury?

Basically, personal injury refers to an area of the legal system that let’s you collect damages and due to someone’s negligence or intentional conduct which caused you to be injured. It includes any kind of damage such as physical injury, property damage, emotional distress, harassment or any other type of loss.

These law firms specialize in tort law which includes private or civil injuries. After studying many years in law school and passing the state BAR exams these attorneys can file a complaint in court, prepare legal documents, advocate at trial and provide legal advice to victims. Personal injury lawyers need to know the legal in’s and out’s of auto accidents, bicycle accidents, motorcycle accidents, construction accidents, aviation accidents, pedestrian accidents, slip and fall accidents, burn injuries, brain injuries, animal bite injuries, spinal cord injuries, medical malpractice, premises liability cases (such as dangerous structure and falling objects), defamation, work place injury, product liability and nursing home abuse.

What they do?

Negligence law firms handle a claim from inception through appeal. They perform many duties in aiding their clients obtain compensation. The main goal is to help injured victims and their families seek justice through the legal system. Their main duty includes:

  • Investigating claims
  • Screening potential clients and evaluating the merit of their cases,
  • Gathering evidence
  • Formulating legal theories
  • Researching case law
  • Drafting pleadings
  • Interviewing and disposing witnesses
  • Client counseling
  • Preparing for trial and advocating at trial.

All attorneys must act in accordance to limitations of ethics, code of conduct and rules offered for by the associations that license them as a lawyer. An injury law firm bears responsibility to assess the case within the boundaries of legal ethics and not cheat the system in order to win big bucks for themselves and their clients. They must identify the issues and thoroughly study the case and research in an ethical manner. This can often be accomplished via client counseling, legal advice, interviewing witnesses and arguments. Settlement is usually the preferred route for both sides, however sometimes the parties can not agree and a court case will commence.

Advertising Laws For Personal Injury Lawyers in NY:

The profession of law has been active in the United States since day one. There has been an evolution of the practice of law and its methods of reaching out to clients each and every year. Historically, lawyers were not permitted to advertise their services to the public. The most effective way of finding new clients was through business cards and word of mouth. Many clients would find lawyers to use by the recommendation of a friend. While this may provide a slightly higher quality of clients for the law firm, it is certainly not capitalistic and efficient. There must be some level of competition in the marketplace, so the public knows what law firms are available to them and what services they offer. The supreme court in 1977 in Bates vs. State Bar of Arizona overruled the law preventing lawyers from advertising. In areas like NY, attorneys can be seen enjoying the legal limitations & negligence claims that were removed  It protected the rights of law firms to advertise, but it does still permit the states to allow some individual restrictions.

How did it change the legal industry?

This new federal court decision introduced some significant change into the industry. Most noticeably direct advertising to the public began to be used. Things like commercials, newspaper, radio ads, and billboards began to advertise law firm services. This increased competition in the industry and in many ways, increase quality of service because the clients has multiple options of firms to go to. Another thing it changed is the percentage of out of court settlements. Many smaller cases began to reach out for legal support and compensation where the numbers did not justify long drawn out trials in the courtroom. There was a negative side effect or stigma that came into creation at this time. When law firms seemingly “chase” potential clients it started to create a bad reputation in the law industry. Some firms chose to be overly aggressive in their advertising, almost in a predatory manner. As in many industries the claims made in advertisements can be exaggerated. Some states have maintained restrictions on what can be advertised in the law firm, limiting the use of certain testimonials and warning that historical success does not predict future success.

The Success of Attorney Advertising:

Many law firms have become something of a brand today. We all remember the commercials developed for personal injury law sharks urging and soliciting potential negligence victims to speak up. They have created a persona in order for the public to recognize them. Some firms have thousands of billboards with pictures and catch phrases. On TV many commercials exist that have quotable monologues or dialogues, so when the situation comes when a potential client needs an attorney they will know who to call. In the transition period shortly after advertising became allowed, some firms tried to hold back and maintain their old methods and operations. However, due to competition these firms were forced to begin advertising in similar manner, so they could remain competitive. Through the years the stigma has slowly diminished as the public has started to accept the proper role of free markets and advertising services to best serve the public.


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